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Accelerating the standardisation of net-zero commodities
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What is Carbon Management Solutions?

CMS is creating a viable pathway to decarbonise the commodities industry. We are bringing to market a registry solution via the platform OurPath SG that enables decarbonised commodities during the assets' lifecycle. 

At CMS, we believe transparency is essential for building trust and credibility in the carbon industry. That's why our solution is built on a foundation of transparency, ensuring it is easily adopted by the market and helping us establish a trusted reputation.
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Aligning with the Singapore Green plan and beyond

Carbon Management Solutions Pte Ltd (CMS) is proud to align with the Singapore Green Plan 2030 in our mission to support sustainable practices. Our decarbonization platform plays a crucial role in contributing to Singapore's sustainability goals by helping companies decarbonize their commodities, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting the development of a green economy. By doing so, we support the Sustainable Living, Energy Reset, and Green Economy pillars of the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

How does CMS work?

Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) meets the changing demands of consumers. Capturing and embedding the data associated with the environmental impacts of extracting, refining and mining of commodities.

This critical data is attached to the physical assets and stored in our digital register.

Allowing the commodities to retain this data through transactions and adding to it where necessary. 


The solution comprises three separate components that are linked together to provide the overall solution.

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Managing Carbon Credits 

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Digitisation of Commodities

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Decarbonization Platform 

Supply of high-quality carbon credits including custody and retirement process. Offered to consumers through a digitized multi-registry abstraction layer.
Digitisation service for commodities, enriched with verifiable supply chain and ESG data, creating a comprehensive transactional system.
Provides an auditable, tradeable,
and transparent registry for carbon-neutral commodity assets.
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Anthony Bennett Headshot
Chief Operating Officer
David Wong Headshot
Strategic Advisor 
Tech Lead
Andreas Ruf Headshot
Technology Advisor
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Jon Deane
Chief Executive Officer at Trovio Group

“The next evolution of the commodites industry is here. By attaching provenance and carbon footprint data to commodites in perpetuity, this technology is ultimately enabling the industry to move to a fully decarbonised future.  ”

Roger Chia Kim Piow 
Group Chairman & Managing Director at Rotary Engineering 

“In view of the global growing need for decarbonization, there is a necessity for transparent and credible carbon management. The CMS platform enables commodity owners to decarbonize their cargoes via a simple and seamless verifiable transaction ”

Nasrat Lucas Muzayyin
Chief Executive Officer at Walton Capital

“The commodities industry is undergoing a major transformation towards net zero emissions, requiring the decarbonization of the entire cradle to grave process.
The CMS Platform will bring transparency and authenticity to the decarbonization journey. Aligning with
Singapore Green Plan 2030 and beyond. ”


Walton Capital
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