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CMS and TradeCloud Services Collaborate to Drive Decarbonisation in TradeCloud’s Commodities Web

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

SINGAPORE. 25 AUGUST 2023 – Carbon Management Solutions (CMS) and TradeCloud Services (TradeCloud) are excited to announce a strategic partnership to accelerate decarbonisation in the commodities industry. This collaboration will leverage the combined strengths of both organisations, integrating a decarbonisation solution with TradeCloud's Commodities Web platform.

Together, CMS and TradeCloud provide unparalleled speed of contract execution, access to carbon markets and unification of trade documentation within a class leading digital platform available cross-commodity built and managed by commodity professionals.

Joining forces for a greener tomorrow in commodities trading: Carbon Management Solution (CMS) and Trade Cloud Services present a ground-breaking partnership. Both organisations, with their deep roots and extensive experience in the commodities sector, are set to transform the industry. Combining CMS's sustainable insights with TradeCloud's technological and commodities expertise, companies on the TradeClouds Commodities Web platform will soon be able to effortlessly champion decarbonisation initiatives. Experience the synergy where profound industry knowledge meets innovative sustainability solutions. This collaboration marks an exciting chapter in the journey towards a more sustainable future for commodities trading.


About Carbon Management Solutions Pte Ltd (CMS)

Carbon Management Solutions (CMS), brought to life by Trovio Group Ltd and Walton Capital, pioneers the pathway to decarbonise the commodities industry. CMS’s innovative registry solution, OurPath SG, leverages a digitised multi-registry abstraction layer to create unalterable bonds between retired carbon credits and physical commodities like bunker fuel, creating new assets that remain carbon-neutral in perpetuity.

With a mission to standardise net-zero commodities and enhance industry wide standards, CMS delivers transparency that is indispensable for building trust and creditability in the carbon and commodity industries. OurPath SG is built on Trovio Group’s CorTenX technology stack, a blockchain-based asset ledger custom-built for the commodities and carbon markets. The platform leverages the beneficial aspects of blockchain technology for robustness, scalability, and irrefutability without the overhead of inefficient consensus mechanisms.

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About TradeCloud Services Pte. Ltd.

TradeCloud Services (TradeCloud) was conceived by a group of seasoned commodity traders to digitalize the way that buyers, sellers, and traders interact, communicate and manage commercial operations for physical metals, minerals and energy products.

Split between our pre-trade “TradeCloud Metals & Energy” and post-trade “TradeCloud Commodities Web” systems, we simplify negotiation, price discovery and contract generation through automatic templating, internal governance collaboration and reporting; all underpinned by R3Corda blockchain and held secure on Microsoft Azure servers.

Our mission is to create an infrastructure ecosystem that brings disparate parties together into a unified platform that allows the capture of communications, trade documentation while concurrently managing ESG, trade finance and operations considerations vital to physical supply chains.

Simon Collins, CEO of TradeCloud – “We are delighted to be working with a partner such as CMS who understands the integral need that digital infrastructure plays in decarbonization. TradeCloud and CMS working together will create a unified solution for the triangulation of trade documentation and the granulation of carbon emission data against commercial contracts, providing ease of reporting and in the long-run, monetization for companies that do the right thing.”

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